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About us – Glenvarna

This October we celebrate our 30th year. God has kept his promises throughout the journey, the Church started with only a few in our house in Glenvarna, when the church grew too big for our house we moved into the Orange Hall. God Blessed us when we had the opportunity to buy Glenvarna Christian Centre, we received a prophesy in the early days that this would be called the Minor Hall. God spoke to me and Gave me a vision of the Open Arms and told me to build it and he would take care of filling it and paying for it. We started work on the building with no money to pay for it, and true to his word God has provided. today the Open Arms is completely paid for and the next phase of extending it is in motion. God has taken us on a journey of Faith, trusting his word and promises. it has not always been easy but he has always come through. The Church has seen great miracles over the years and we continue to see God working in the Glenvarna family. We welcome you along and we will be keeping a seat for you. Blessings in the name of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Billy McClay