This Week we had the opportunity to bless our mission in Nalgonda, India.

We were delighted to receive this good report:

“Most beloved and respected Dad, Mom and saints

Greetings in Jesus most precious name.

Received the funds. Thank you so much. We Purchased the Rice and other food material to distribute. Today we packed to distribute. Tomorrow we are going to distribute. Sent information to the needy people who live near church place around 3 k.m. distances as the government restricted in this lock time between 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. To other places our team members will go. We got police permission.

40 Bags Rice each 25 KG (5 KG to each family)

300 KG Dal ( 1.5 kg to each family)

200 Oil pockets (1 Liter to each family)

400 KG Onions (2 kg to each family)

100 kg. Chilly powder pockets (½ kg to each family)

Vegetables to be purchase tomorrow.

I will send those distributed pictures and report soon after distribution.

Once again thank you very much for your loving support at great time of need.

Closing now with much love and prayers