Prophecy for 2021

As I waited on the Lord, I felt there had been a shift, and it had been a brutal shift. Like a dislocated shoulder being wrenched back in, it was painful for a brief time then painless as the realignment had completed. Now it was time to pray and rest to allow strength to come back into the limb.

I saw a tsunami, an incomprehensible force of power and speed, hurtling towards us, called 2021. It would be viewed as relentless, unstoppable, beyond all limitations we have set. 2020 taught us that nothing is beyond the realm of possibility as governments and countries were brought to their knees by a pandemic. We watched a virus with a 99% survival rate sweep through the world and bring everything to a standstill. We watched the unsinkable ship sink, again, except this time the Titanic was replaced with the mountains; education, religion, family, business, government, arts, and media. Yet, the shaking that destroyed the man-made constructs, did not stop at their destruction. It continued to shake and out of the debris of education came true learning, from home, about home, about life, people became teachable. The stagnancy of religion was shaken, freeing those passionate for God to emerge smelling of smoke from within with a burning passion for God, igniting everyone and everything around them with a war cry that is too long in coming. Out of family we saw what family truly is, as we stood together and we saw the goodness and kindness that God asks of us shine through, in neighbours, in friends, in strangers, wherever there was need there was love. Social distancing only strengthened the resolve to connect as it activated that inner need for us to connect to God and each other. Out of business we saw companies scramble to find avenues of continuity, we saw new businesses birthed and begin to bloom under the protected time of furlough. We saw the government under pressure lose its ability to operate covertly, instead a season of exposure came to shine a light on governments all over the world, beginning a new focus on accountability and integrity. The arts came into every home and beauty was found among the rubble, as people came together to save and celebrate creativity. Suddenly the media lost the face of being benign as it was pulled under the microscope and the mindless acceptance of their version of truth was put on trial before the entire world.

It is not over, it has only entered a new stage.

As the roar of the water approaches the body of Christ, the ecclesia stand armored and ready. Not concerned about the water itself, but ready to take out of that wave what the enemy has placed in it. We have spent the last year in training, revelation came to every heart that asked for it. Discernment laid upon every spirit that craved it. The barriers between man and God were destroyed as we cried out from our homes, our prayer closets. The covenant was again recognized by man that bonds us with God, spurring us on toward the goal of Gods Kingdom come. The cry went up from the people that the line had been crossed and the enemy had made his presence known. The smell of fear and waves of anxiety that washed over our lands awoke the righteous anger of Gods people and today we stand ready.

We stand and we call out the enemy on his lies, his tactics, his poison. We speak truth into this new year, we speak life to those on Gods earth, we speak fullness and wholeness to the people God has chosen as His own. We declare war on the darkness that served only to prove the power of the light. We are the bringers of light, for the light of the world has come to give us all power and all authority over all the power of the enemy. He has power but not authority, and his power is a drop in the ocean in comparison to that of God. We are set to regain the authority that has been lost over time.

Now it comes, the time we have been trained for, as we cry from a depth that was unearthed as all our walls and structures crumbled under the earthquake of 2020. The experience of loss created an attitude of gratitude that brought humility and a true understanding of blessing. The experience of powerlessness released us out of our attempts to control, enabling God to move as He plans and only He can, bringing a freedom and undeniable sense of victory that only comes when we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has this.

2020 did not break us as it intended, but it did make us, as God designed us to be made. Weapons are forged in fire, and the heat of 2020 only served to intensify and speed up the process of Gods army. Apathy cannot survive in crisis, and we have awakened a vast army, hungry for peace, and willing to go to war for it. As a bear protects its cubs, the innate and God-given sense of justice against darkness was rekindled and intensely fueled as we saw the enemy attack. We have been pressed but the pressure has released the best of us. There is a resilience that has developed within the remnant that chooses to utilize every situation for Gods glory, and in times where it becomes too much, we step into the gap for each other.

As the wave breaks we take a breath and brace ourselves, our humility holding us steady in Gods hand, and our love refusing to back down for the sake of those who cannot stand. We stand clothed in the armour of God and we stand. Steadfast and true, focused on God Himself, the noise of the water drowned out by the Heavenly Hosts shouts of Hallelujah. Fear is destroyed by the perfect peace we have in the knowledge of God being sovereign. Every swipe of the enemy invoking a heavenly response and increasing our resolve and passion. With every wave we look to our God and await instructions, stand or step, stand or step. Darkness is pushed back, untruths are unraveled, and deception dissolves in the light of His glory, as we overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

The Lord has spoken saying we are stepping into a year of action, a year of progression, a year of taking back the territory that the enemy has so long held in his grip. The screech of the enemy is not a renewed strength he has found, but is the throes of a dying beast as the people of God step into their ordained authority of gatekeepers of this realm. From every tribe and creed, people realign into their destiny, their place of their belonging, their territory. For we are not as we were, we are as we are, on our way to where we will be. Laying aside every weight to run as we should, posturing our hearts that our trajectory is in alignment with Gods plan, we gather our sword and shield and prepare to take every step needed. We sing in our love languages, recognizing that our strength lies in our differences so that we reach further, missing no one. The harvest is coming in an unprecedented volume. The Kingdom of Heaven is made up of violent men and the violent take it by force, we are to become violent in our pursuit of holiness and our intolerance of enemy tactics. Offence, apathy, discouragement, and pride, have been called out and recognized. The territorial protective instinct in us, that has fallen to the spirit of Herod in so many causing them to turn on their own tribe, will be released into its pure form as we are territorial for God. Suddenly the spiritual realm once again becomes the primary realm in which we operate in, when before for so many the physical world was the focus.

2021 is the year where we use loss as a compass to highlight our blessings, where we use resistance as training to strengthen our muscles to move in grace and mercy, where we face our mistakes as a lesson in humility so it is not a wasted opportunity for learning, where we pray for those who turn against us so that God can move on our behalf and we stay out of the plans of the enemy, where we realise that without God we are but vapor, yet with Him we are an stoppable force through which He has victory. 2021 is where we recognize and sidestep the works of the enemy, moving in love and humility, and thus disarming him from being able to utilize us against God. Discernment joins with instinctive insight, allowing us to know whether to engage or rise above, as guided by the Spirit.

Ready yourselves and await My instructions says the Lord. Find your place and take a stand. Know your identity and prepare to introduce yourself to whoever tries to cross your boundary. I am a child of the living God and I stand in the place where He has placed me. I love not my life unto death, yet I love my Saviour and walk where He asks me to walk. I am a child of the living God and there is nothing in any realm that can take from me what I value most, my status as a Son of God Most High. I stand fearless, capable, equipped, passionate, and ready. I will stand my ground and will not be moved, as I stand as a part of the Kingdom that the gates of Hell will not prevail against.

My name is Son. And I am ready.